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We're committed to offering our customers the highest quality organic skincare products using exceptional formulations from all natural ingredients with pure shea butter as a primary ingredient. Our products are safe, vegan, paraben-free, with no preservatives - ever! We believe that healthy skin is beautiful skin.

You probably have heard of the many natural properties of shea butter. Many beauty companies promote its luxurious properties in their advertisments and marketing today; but you probably are not aware that there are significant 'quality of product' issues. Not all shea butter is processed equally. From harvesting the nuts to the sale of the product, the failure to adherence to strict quality control standards has resulted in the unrefined shea butter being contaminated. Because of this, global cosmetic manufacturers have used chemicals and preservatives in final processing to eliminate bacterial contamination, blend easily with other ingredients, and minimize product liability. The end product of this process is a refined white shea butter that is devoid of its amazing healing and skin restorative properties, the very properties that are promoted in their advertising!

Today most shea products sold in stores are refined and formulated at a 1% shea butter concentration to maximize profits. Other organic food stores and local markets promote the sale of "pure " shea butter but it is untested and unsanitary. When many of these butters have been subjected to our laboratory testing criteria, we have consistently found them to have toxic contaminants such as lead and fungus, which can lay dormant in your body for years before symptoms manifest.

At Sheólogy Organics, we believe you deserve better. We also believe you deserve to know about these practices. Our obsession with quality and purity are worth a second look. So please spend some time on this site. Learn the fine qualities inured to the shea nut, the absolute care we take in handling the product, its processing, storage and transportation, and the brilliance that has gone into the formulation.

Our Obsession with Purity

Pure Shea Butter Products

Shea butter is the extract from the fruit of the Karite tree which dates back over 2,000 years. The butter has enjoyed an illustrious history as an anti-aging and beauty oil enjoyed by queens and dignitaries globally including Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt and Queen Nefertiti among others. The tree is indigenous to fourteen countries in West Africa but spans as far as Uganda in East Africa. Its healing qualities have been more recently validated in scientific and medical journals as a skin healing and restorative oil due to its concentration of triterpenes and phytosterols including lupeol. It is truly a medical marvel, healing burns, regenerating damaged tissue, eliminating symptoms of eczema, and so much more.

The extraction process of shea butter is mechanical and uses heat. It takes over twenty hours from harvesting to finish to make two pounds of shea butter. The end product is blocks of shea butter for resale to make finished products. Dirty harvesting and extraction processes can introduce contaminates into the product. If the nuts are not clean, you will have fungus and other aflatoxins introduced into the processing. If the water is not clean, you will introduce lead, arsenic and bacteria. If the containers are not clean, you will introduce heavy metals and other forms of bacteria. As consumers become more demanding with regard to organic and natural ingredients, the question that oftentimes gets overlooked in our quest for preservative free finished products is this. Are these ingredients pure?

Who Talks About Purity?

Scientific attention to cleanliness and purity

Who talks about the purity of their shea butter? We do because we care, because we believe that this is an important, but neglected, aspect of the product flow out of Africa to your resource of your beauty care products. We are obsessed about purity in the supervision of the product, purchase, transportation, storage, blending, and finishing the product before it reaches your tender skin.

This is the finest quality unprocessed Shea butter available. Our butter is laboratory-tested to ensure that it is free from fungus and bio-contaminants found in many ‘organic’ oils. It is further tested to make sure that the concentration of vitamins and sterols is high and freshness certified. Pure Sheólogy Organics shea butter has the highest concentration of Vitamin A (the anti-aging vitamin) and healing sterols among tropical fruit trees.

We’re obsessed with purity because we use it too! We don’t sell what we won’t use. Our family and friends are among our best repeat customers because they trust the high quality of our products. Our shea butter is processed in Burkino Faso, West Africa by women who are specifically trained to handle our shea butter under our strict quality standards and protocol. The shea butter is transported to the United States where it is laboratory tested to ensure that it does not have lead, fungus, or any other heavy metals that are commonly found in shea butter. We pride ourselves with providing our customers with the highest quality pure shea butter and shea butter-based products on earth.

Because we are obsessed with purity, at Sheólogy Organics we seek to do it better than anyone else. Our team has been involved with cosmetic formulations using this shea butter for over eight years. We bring a team of women scientists and formulators skilled in the areas of biology, biochemistry and chemistry. We have a woman on our team who knows and understands international banking. We bring over 100 years of combined experience in an industry that is predominately men. View us as the outsiders of the cosmetic industry, which has become contaminated by profit motives. Sheólogy Organics presents to the consumer an alternative product that is effective because it is pure and authentic to the intentions of nature’s shea butter.

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